It’s taken me a few years to find and refine my own style, there has been a few interesting styling faux paux in my 20’s along the way. This website isn’t about giving you my style, but it’s about helping you to find your own style and confidence.

You see, I truly believe that your personal style is more than just a way to get dressed, it’s about celebrating your creativity, self-expression as well as figuring out what makes you feel confident and inspired every day in life and work, as clothing becomes part of your life currency. Over the years I’ve worked with some amazing clients from PR companies, photographers, stay at home mums who’ve lost there identity to business owners looking to improve there own personal style and branding.

You Know, learning to love your body, mind and wardrobe!

Is about building the perfect wardrobe and cultivating a strong sense of style that is uniquely your own, by creating a matching wardrobe that’s perfect for you. With that goal in mind this is a fabulous opportunity to get yourself booked with an Award Winning Personal Style Coach and Author,who can help support your wardrobe goals with  style advice, tips and ideas that will inspire you to look and feel more positive about your mind, body and wardrobe.

Get to know me a little more here MyStory  why I do what I do, why I became a Personal Style & Confidence Coach and why I wrote a book “Boost Your Confidence”

Love My Style, Love Your Style