During the 80’s the concept of colour analysis was very popular, I remember around about 1988 I was first introduced to the world of colour by my fabulous Mum, I think that’s where most of my interest in styling came from. I always remember that she would have these amazing outfits that reminded me of Hollywood glam, I still smile now at remembering the myriad of styles and colours in my Mum’s wardrobe.

Wardrobe Revamp
Colours play a huge part in our lives form our interiors, wardrobes and colour psychology, it’s one of the most personal decisions that you will make, as it can affect how you look and feel throughout your busy day. Colours are a great way to express ourselves, it’s a natural expression of our personality, and when we wear certain colours we can feel more self-assured and confident.


There are lots of factors that come in to play during a Colour Analysis session, firstly we have to determine your colour season from your skin, Melanin – Brown, Haemoglobin – Red, Carotene –Yellow to your hair and eye colour. There are four groups each given a name of the season’s Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, the season are then split in two parts, Winter/ Summer cool, which is blue based and Spring/ Autumn warm, is yellow based.

To determine your colours involves special fabrics, and an understanding of how the colours react in relation to your natural colouring. To capture the true essence of your colour palatte that will optimize your wardrobe right down to your makeup, will have a profound impact on your personal style and business, it’s an investment that will last years, saving you both time and money.

colored leather

It’s really important to wear the right colour’s because the wrong colours can emphasis blemishes, lines and make you look drained and washed out, by wearing the right colour’s it can do the opposite, giving you a brighter completion and more confidence in life and business.


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