Which Would You Choose? Fashion vs Style —

Most of us confuse fashion and style.

Fashion is a popular style at a particular moment, like a trend which only last as long the season it was meant for. You wear the same clothing items that are see in stores, fashion magazines
and advertisements. However, style is all about your individuality, your personality it’s unique to you the wear. With fashion, it’s on the clothing, the items deemed to be fashionable and with style, it’s on you the person. I think there’s a great misunderstanding when it comes to this word STYLE!! and what it actually is……

It’s not defined by a Price Tag, Age or Size

Style is part self-knowledge and part self-confidence. Style should never be confused with fashion as it’s synonymous with clothes where style is expressed through your clothes.Style is all about the celebration of your individuality to express yourself through your clothes and unlike fashion
a sense of style comes from within…

The editor in chief of Vogue Diana Vreeland was asked once…“Do designers dictate hemlines, only if you take dictation”

Her response opened a can of worms in fashion world to show there’s a gap between fashion and style.

Hence the famous quote……

Fashions fade, Style is eternal.” ~ Yves Saint Laurent

Style is all about you and your relationship to yourself and your wardrobe, it goes way beyond fashion, it’s all about making a visual statement, your self-brand to the world.

Style allows you to explore new sides of your self thus helping you with your personal growth. Style gives you more clarity when it comes to your outfit choices as you’re not always influenced by pressures like current trends, advertising or internal considerations.

Fashion is forever always changing that’s the nature of it,where style can change, but it’s more about the expression of who you are and your sense of self. It assumes that every woman, and I mean every woman has the potential to create an identity that’s unique to them through their own style.

Love My Style Love Your Style

Nichola is more than a stylist she’s a one-woman creative genius with a razor-sharp eye
for fashion and style. Featured in various magazines and for her knowledge and
dedication she can often be found hosting confidence and style boosting
workshops and seminars all over the UK sharing her vast knowledge from the
stage at BIG events to talking about fashion, style and confidence on BBC radio
and recently on Chanel 4 money make over programme. She’s the author of “Boost Your
Confidence book. Nichola is a qualified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner,
Holistic Therapist, and an Award-Winning Style Coach, and the founder
of The Wardrobe Provocateur. Specializing in using transformative methods and
tools in coaching and styling, that helps you to discover your own inner style
with a better understanding of yourself, your mind, body, wardrobe and personal

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