Valentine’s Day is here and tonight you’re going out on the perfect date but have you got your outfit ready?

It’s important that you dress for the occasion and this applies to both men and women, because expectations will be high! Your evening should be fun and enjoyable, so you want to ensure you look and feel confident.

So what is the dress code for Valentine’s Day date night?

Well you certainly want to make yourself feel extra special and show your other half how lucky they are to have you as their date. It really is all about putting the effort in to your outfit whilst letting your personality shine through. Your clothes represent the type of person you are and how you portray yourself to the rest of the world.

More importantly you want to feel comfortable in what you are wearing and ooze confidence.










Wearing black is great if you want to play it safe but if you want to step outside your comfort zone then why not brighten up your outfit with some colour,  red as it’s the colour of romance and love, or if you don’t really fancy red then how about  pink?

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This goes for the guys too; if you think that your date would love to see you in a bright pink shirt then go for it. If you are uncertain then tone it down a bit. Better to be confident in what you’re wearing than conscious about it all evening.

If you are having dinner with a new man then why not try a red figure hugging dress with a beautiful pair of matching heels, dressed up with a couple of accessories. Dinner with a long-term boyfriend, then how about the ultimate little black dress with brightly coloured nail polish and a pair of stunning heels, showing him exactly why you are the perfect woman for him.

Remember accessories are very important but don’t go over the top, if you think that you may be wearing one too many then you probably are. Take one off before you leave the house as you want to look stylish and sophisticated not overdressed and styled!

For you guys out there I can completely understand how stressful Valentine’s Day can be for you, after all not only do you have to look devilishly handsome but you also need to make sure that you buy the perfect gift, arrange a romantic night and entertain your lady throughout the evening.

It’s important that you dress to impress but don’t go over the top!

However if you want to really dress up and that’s your style then you can’t go wrong with a beautifully tailored suit and tie. If that’s not you then how about a pair of dark jeans with a coloured shirt and a casual blazer with a pair of stylish dress shoes. Keep the colours low key and neutral as the last thing that you want is to clash with your dates outfit.

Now that you’ve got your outfits sorted out all that is left is to say have a great evening.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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