Had such a blast on a recent business photo shoot with a fabulous client, Helen Wood, owner of ‘Fitness with Helen’ she provides an independent provision of fitness advice, coaching and support to all her clients. I was equally super excited to be working with my talented friend Laura Pearman www.pearmanphotography.co.uk and the amazing make-up artist Emily Emmett @EmilyEmmettMUA

As a style coach and owner of The Wardrobe Provocateur www.nicholaenglish.com working on a photo shoot is part of many roles I do within my business. One of the key roles of a stylist working on a business shoot, is to get the client ready style wise for there big day. So once the concept is in place, the real work begins for me putting together the looks for the client/ Helen’s fitness shoot. I always like to start with creating a style storyboard, as this really helps to get a creative insight and a clearer message of what the client wants to express visually in there photo’s, it could be anything from fun, healthy, confident to feeling empowered.

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Before the shoot, to kick things off we needed to figure out the fitness attire, and what the heck we were doing, as we wanted to make sure that it reflected Helen’s personality, brand and message in all the images. YEP even fitness instructors need help for business photo’s from a Stylist. It’s also important in the lead up to the shoot that myself and Helen did a wardrobe run through of all her outfits for that day right down to colours, as we want her to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

Once we’d sorted the fitness outfits she already had in her wardrobe, we then did a spot of shopping, so we headed off to a local sport’s store, which in it’s self was a very interesting experience. So funny it felt like an episode of prison cell block H as Helen entered the changing room on the shop floor, I was guarding her door as if I was a minder. Then as we left with the purchases with a satisfied smile, the store alarm went off thinking nothing about it, we headed back to Helen’s to finalize everything for the up and coming shoot. But to our horror and lots of laughter we realized we had set the alarms off as some daft twit had left a security tack on.

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Any way the day before the shoot, we usually do a run through with myself and the super women photographer Laura, we like to go through the look—the concepts for hair and make-up, and location. I’m sure Laura has a photo some where of what we really look like when we do our skype chat’s, scary.

Because this was an fitness outdoors shoot involving gardens and beaches, we did a sun dance then we had everything crossed that you can imagine that the weatherman was right about blue skies.

Hooray Mr Weatherman was spot on for a change, can you tell that we were all happy about the weather.

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The day had arrived Helen was already in make up and the fitness outfits were ready to roll. This time the shoot was slightly different for me, as I was also preparing the healthy snacks and styling them as well. In a my younger days, believe it or not I trained in hotel and catering, but as you can see I didn’t become a Chef, I became a Style Coach. Over all the fitness shoot day was a success  we all had such a fun time, and for me styling on a photo shoot is extraordinarily fun and entertaining as you get to work with some amazing people and clients just like Helen from ‘Fitness with Helen.

Some of the photo’s taken on the day

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DSC6192-31-199x300Nichola x

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