The Power of first impression and your Style brand

It doesn’t take long for another person to form an opinion about you and your business, research shows it can take 10th of a second for people to do this.

First impressions are based on 3 factors….

VISUAL STATEMENT – What you wear and how you wear it

PSYCHOLOGICALLY –Body language and how you demonstrate your confidence.

VERBAL – How you say something and the tone we us.

Clothes set the tone and your physical appearance is quite often the first point of reference for a person when they want to approach you, either at a networking event or as a client. That’s why it’s so important to always consider what your style say’s about you, even more so when it comes to your brand. The more you get to grips with regards to understanding what your clothes convey when it comes managing your nonverbal communication, the easier it becomes to have the right first impression and personal brand.

Our attire can help to project the right communication when it comes to your personal brand, however it needs to be authentic and reflect your true values. To me clothing is an opportunity to showcase you, your business, your brand, confidence, knowledge, skills and professionalism to the world.

Ask yourself- how do you want your clients to perceive you??

If your attending a networking event would you be wearing a statement necklace, red coloured lipstick, are these allied with you and your personal brand, would they make a first and lasting impression. I’m sure your asking why is visual so important with regards to how we dress in our business, think about it for a moment, if you see someone well-dressed we tend to think highly of them and we assume they are confident, successful and take a pride in themselves and their business, which in turn makes a good first impression and we tend to gravitate towards that person.

So, let me ask you? What do you want your brand characteristics to be to help express your wardrobe??

Classic – Simple styles that are always neat and tidy- Linen or skirts with white crisp shirts.

Natural – Relaxed easy movement – Jeans with simple tops and Jewellery.

Creative – Mix up pattern and textures – Using scarves and bold accessories to stand out.

Romantic – Love everything about dressing up – Beautiful tactile fabrics and full make up.

Contemporary – The latest style from the high street – You like to buy of the rail fashion trends asap

Which of the above best describe you and Alline with your personal style brand!!!!

The next time you’re thinking about your first impression or personal brand, be very clear about how you want to be remembered when it comes to you and your business. It doesn’t have to be expensive to have the right wardrobe that projects the right image, take action now and start to dress to attract your potential clients.

If your looking for a stylist then why not book a free one-one call with me to see how I can help you on your style journey.

Love Your Style, Love My Style 

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