These days your hectic life really can mean you’re trying to be all things to all people. Running around trying to manage your busy schedule means the last thing you have time for is spending hours walking around shops looking for the right outfit to wear.

The average woman spends around 170 hours each year walking around shops trying to decide what to buy and more importantly what looks good. Those hours could definitely be spent investing more time in your business or spending some extra quality time with your loved ones.

So what’s the solution

Style coaching of course. Someone that comes in and completely takes over your clothes shopping so you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your life.

A style coach can be a godsend to many women who really don’t have the time or the inclination to shop.

It’s so important for you to look good and feel confident when you step foot outside of your home, and into your business life but it’s important to remember that to look good isn’t just about throwing on the latest fashion trends.

Your personal style coach will take into consideration your body image, what you would be comfortable in wearing and what are the most appropriate clothes that suit you and your career.

Having someone work with you directly on a one to one basis not only saves you time to get on with other things but you can be sure that the clothes that are selected for you will leave you looking incredible.

You personal style coach will work closely with you to define your very own personal image.

Clothes that you may have thought really wouldn’t work for you in the past are now something that you realise look great on you and would be confident in wearing.

Style coaching is one of the most time saving things you can do. Rest assured if you have any doubts that your style coach will rush in and remove everything from your wardrobe without a second glance then let me put your mind at rest.

A number of special techniques will be used before anything like that happens. You will be helped to discover your confidence through life coaching and by doing this you will be able to project those feelings to the rest of the world. Once you feel confident on the inside you will look and feel confident on the outside.

Every aspect of your personality will be taken into consideration before any decision on your wardrobe is taken. Your goals, favourite colours and your body shape are all factors in the process.

Another great reason for using a style coach if you are a Mother of a bride to be. The big day is set but because you have a hundred and one things to do the last thing on your mind is an outfit for the big day.

Let a professional style coach take that one added pressure off you so you can focus on the rest of the wedding.

A style coach is for every woman who needs some extra help with choosing the right clothes for the right occasion. In no time at all you could be heading out with a brand new style that shows off the real you.

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