Wardrobe Planning & Blitz

“I have nothing to wear I hear you say well think again”

Our wardrobes form the centre point of our dressing world and the clothing we wear tells a huge amount about us visually, it can even have a huge impact in our business, work and lifestyle.We all know an overflowing wardrobe can lead to chaos, especially in the morning if we’re heading off to do the school run or meeting a new client. Time is so valuable, that’s why we sometimes head to our wardrobes and pick the same safe outfit every time.

What if I was to tell you that a wardrobe clear out and blitz could really get you organised and streamline your wardrobe, save you a fortune when you go shopping , be more productive with your time.

Let me ask you this question?

Do you have items in your wardrobe with tags still on that you’ve forget you still have.

Do you feel over whelmed when it comes to your outfit choices.

Is your wardrobe in a state of confusion and are you in a style rut.

Do you feel an over flowing wardrobe leads to a morning of panic and chaos.

Depending on the bespoke package you choose either half day or full day the wardrobe consultation is a fun empowering experience that has some many tangible benefits from feeling more confident to looking and feeling great.

How would you like?
  • To have your very own award winning stylist
  • Total blitz and re-organisation of your wardrobe and a better understanding of your body-shape, personal style & wardrobe.
  • Understanding more about your relationship with your wardrobe
  • Advice on key items missing from your wardrobe.
  • Advice on mixing and match your current wardrobe.
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and wardrobe.
  • Get back to the roots of your feel good connection with your wardrobe
How it works?

You’ll be sent a questionnaire to complete before our meeting, on the chosen day we will go through your wardrobe in the comfort of your home by taking a fresh look at what you have and what items key items of clothing are missing. I’ll show you how to create outfits that flatter your body shape, how to adapt them to your current style tastes, whether it’s outfits for your business or career, maybe your just looking to up scale your current style. Once the session is completed you will receive a Personal Style Guide via the post, this will give you information on your figure shape, necklines, scale, grooming, wardrobe planning. The design is perfect to fit into your Filofax or diary. 


Full Day £360.00

Half Day £290.00