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Introduction to style coaching ™ Clinic.

There are lots of positive effects that the style coaching process can have on your life. As a certified Style Coach™ I embody the ethos of a coach and focus on the importance of self-image psychology. While lots of personal image consultants will work to help their clients create a new look – as a Style Coach™ I work beyond the surface layer, recognizing that your inner-self and outer-self are curiously linked and powerfully affect each other.

Your image is only part of the process, other important elements are your confidence, how you feel inside and out, as well as your body language.

What does a Style Coach™ do?

A Style Coach™ helps you to look good on the outside and feel confident on the inside by clarifying who you are today with regards to your style, wardrobe confidence and your desired style goal.

What different about style coaching™ ?

It’s a unique approach using a combination of Styling and Coaching techniques. Unlike other styling consultants I work with you as a whole – not just your external image but also how you feel on the inside and your inner confidence.

What are the benefits of style coaching ™?

These days your hectic life really can mean you’re trying to be “all things to all people” such as running around trying to manage your busy work schedule and family life. This often means the last thing you have time for is spending hours walking around shops sorting your wardrobe out and looking for the right outfit to wear.

The average woman spends around 170 hours (I think men are catching up with this statistic) each year walking around shops trying to decide what to buy, and more importantly, trying to figure out what looks good. Just think… those hours could be spent investing more time in your business or spending some extra quality time with your loved ones.

  • Choosing the right style/wardrobe to suit your personality, body shape and lifestyle
  • Become more confident in life and with your wardrobe
  • Keeping you focused on your end goal.
  • Feeling more empowered about your wardrobe choices
Take action & start your style journey today!

The 90 minute Personal Style Consultation is a simple but informative chat over a cup of coffee where we will discuss tips on dressing for your body shape, your style personality and ideas on styles that suit your lifestyle and tastes.

I will show you…

  • How to dress with confidence no matter what the occasion
  • Learn what body shape you have
  • Identify the image you want
  • Discover what styles suit you 
  • Access to a Pintrest Board with all recommend style ideas 
  • You will also receive your very own personal image organizer to keep you on track with your styling journey.