I’ve spent many years trying to understand my own skin care needs, by becoming more educated about my own skin I’ve been able to really take care of it. So I sat today in the beautiful sunshine writting this little post to give you some helpful tips.


1- Look at your pores by checking  if there wide and open? Pores size can differ due to age and sun exposure. They can’t disappear but you can minimize them with product’s that have salicylic, glycolic, or retinoid based formulas. Try L’Oréal’s skin perfection correcting serum. £11.99 Stockist Boots, Superdrug.

2- Have a look at the eye area – What concerns you? Is it crow’s feet, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness? Look for products with aloe Vera, Antioxidants, caffeine (I dont mean have a cup of coffee, but as an ingredient.) green tea extract or hyaluronic acid which helps to plumb up the skin. Try Clinique all about the eyes £42 it has everything you need for eyes, Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream to brighten and DE puff, £23. Stockist John Lewis, House of Fraser.

3- Test your skins tone – How does your skin feel? Is it plumb, tight, bouncy when you touch it. If the answer is NO then try Yves Saint Laurent – Forever Youth Liberator Serum- in Crème £150 or Olay regenerist regenerating serum £15 Stockist Boots, Superdrug , John Lewis and Amazon.

4- Monitor you hydration – Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have baby smooth skin. YES PLEASE. Find a really good moisturiser for day and night, this is a vital part of looking after your skin. It will help to lock in the moisture and fight dehydration, which I’m sure you have all succumbed to at one point. Try Hydro dynamic ultimate moisture Stockist – Marks & Spencer’s – murad.co.uk.

 beautiful model applying a skin serum treatment


Masks are also a really great way to take care of your skin and add a healthy glow.

Female face with lot of fruit and vegetables


Try these once a week  fabulous fixers…..

Radiance Boosting -10 minute Glow

The speedy skin saver from Crystal Clear contains a unique blend of natural fruit enzymes of papaya and lemon which work together to eliminate a dull, lacklustre complexion by gently polishing the skin and dissolving dead skin cells while stimulating cell renewal. After 10 minutes, the mask peels off like a second skin, stripping away any dead skin, impurities and excess oil to reveal a softer, fresher-looking complexion that immediately glows with a renewed radiance. £24.99 crystalclear.co.uk

They even have skin care for the boys…..

Super smoothing Mask

A combination of Azelaic and lactic acid to exfoliate dead layers of skin for a faster cell turnover. An excellent pre-party ritual, skin looks instantly lighter, brighter and smoother. Have the knockout factor glow use 1-2 twice a week. £ 59 www.drsebagh.com

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