Million Dollar Question: What to Wear When you Work from Home?

In the wake of corona virus all over the world, like many of you I’m now working from my office at home, which seems to be coming the new norm right now. Considering all this and trying not to fall down the rabbit hole of staying in PJS and wrapping a blanket round while working from home, but at the same time trying to navigate what to wear in order to still be proactive. I guess I’m sure some of you are thinking why bother getting dressed at all, hence why I decided to write this article.

Number 1 Reason……..

Getting dressed can be one of the best ways to boost your mood and keep productivity levels high especially right now!

Also, there’s evidences that Psychologists have found what we wear impacts our thinking. A study done in 2015 in Social Psychological and Personality Science measured how people performed on a series of five cognitive tests when dressed in both “formal” and “casual” clothing and found that those in the first category “formal” indicated  increased thinking and improved performance so influencing the way we think. However, it can be thorny to know what to wear in a make-shift office environment every day without conceding your comfort.

“Fashion Psychologist Dawnn Karen, says. “Depending on the role we are playing when we’re home — perhaps you’re a mother, perhaps you’re a student — we know that home is associated with the uniform of PJs. It’s typically hard for us to feel productive in PJs because the uniform of PJs is not associated with productivity.”

Should You Dress Up for Work If You’re Working from Home?
That’s a huge YES…
Here’s some style ideas to keep you on track…
1, Structure

Get up early make sure you eat a decent breakfast, shower, dressed and a little makeup consisting of concealer, mascara and bronzer, you need to act as if you’re going out to work as normal. This allows you to have a sense of structure and feel motivated in your day-to-day working from home.

2, Track Suit/ Athleisure

An item that’s both functional and comfortable in equal measures and a pajama-equivalent for those who are very attached to their PJS right now. If you’re not cheering the tracksuit vibe then all is not lost, find some high waisted leggings with some fun prints like stripes or leopard print, style them with a longer top or a boyfriend style shirt.

3, Comfy Trousers

Tailored trousers are the perfect staying or working from home go to style, try investing in a high waited style with a slight boot leg as they can be the more flattering and are very comfortable too. Style them with a cosy cardigan or a nice bright jumper.

4, Colour

We’re all influenced by it every day; colour carries a strong connection with your well-being hence why it’s so important right now to breathe a little more colour in your working from home wardrobe.

5, Knitwear

If your about to do a Zoom call, then knitwear is a perfect way to dress up while still feeling cosy. You could opt for a cardigan style which still retains that same comfy look add a classic white shirt then some accessories like layered jewellery to give it a more profession style.

6, Silk Blouses

I adore a nice classic and smart silk blouse, perfect for any online meetings you have with your boss, employees or clients. Remember to keep it simple with a button-down style that you can team with comfy trousers, blazer or even jeans.

7, Wrap Dress

So versatile, universally flattering to all body shapes, timeless and easy to wear even when working from home, plus some days just call for a little fun dress-up. Why not add an over sized jumper or sweater, which is a great way to keep warm, wearing it over the dress makes it look like your wearing a separated skirt, finish with sneakers to add a simple stylish look.

8, Shoes

Decision Decisions what do I wear on my feet? well it’s entirely up to you. It’s all about being practical and comfy right now. I personal think flat styles are the way to go from trainers, ballet pumps, mules, loafers or even warm slippers the choice is yours. However, I do think wearing a shoe is just as important with your regards to your productivity and mind set about working form home.

Finale Thoughts….

The novelty of staying in your PJS all day will soon wear off, right now it’s important to get in to a ‘work’ frame of mind, when working from home. Use the above tips to help navigate your choices when it comes to your wardrobe. You need to create clear boundaries from differentiating sofa clothes to outfits that way it will help you to remain productive in your present working environment.

Stay Positive

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