I met Shannon at a fashion show last year we were both involved in, she’s studying Fashion Journalism at Sunderland University, in March she asked if she could interview me for her online student magazine at https://yourexposure.wordpress.com/

Here’s a little intro to who Shannon is and her online magazine…..

shannon peters photoMy name is Shannon Peters, 22, originally from Milton Keynes but I lived in Sweden from 14-19. I then moved to Sunderland to study Fashion Journalism at the University of Sunderland. I am in my third year there and I am graduating this July.

Exposure is primarily a online platform for students of fashion photography and styling to showcase their work and gain connections. The site also provides interviews and portfolios with established photographers and stylists to bring inspiration to students.

Thanks so much It’s great when people lend students a hand. I really appreciate it Nichola.

Read the full interview and  find out a little more about me and what I do here….. 



Nichola English xx

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