How To Shop For Your Perfect Swimwear….

Your holidays are just around the corner you’ve got all your suit case packed with your enter holiday wardrobe, hope I’m not the only one that does that. Sun lotions and Jackie Onassis Sunglasses at the ready with the beach and pool in sight… then it’s just the swimwear to sort!!!

We all know what it’s like to try and find the one, that’s your swimwear partner. Let me ask YOU!! does it fill you with fear “What to wear on the beach”.Then don’t panic we’ve got some helpful tips on finding the right swimwear just for you… 

Firstly, I want you to remember your not alone with trying to find your ideal swimwear that works for your body, there are many tricks and ways to finding the one that streamlines your figure. Now most stores cater for top heavy or bottom heavy sizes, so you may need to try different sizes on the top and the bottom.Sizes can fluctuate from store to store my advise would be when trying your swimsuit on always take two sizes in, this will save you valuable time. Remember  to the test to see if the top fits by simply raising your arms or bending forward. The reason you do this you need to think of it like your bra fitting and everything staying in one place as you don’t want your bits hanging out. 

Embrace Your Curves:

Hooray lots of stores are now going up to size 32, about time. One of my favs is Magicsculpt as it really gives you that hourglass shape it’s great way if you want to disguise your mid-section but still feel feminine on the beach. If your okay with your mid-section on show then opt for a Magicsculpt in a bikini. You could go wild and stand out with a one-shoulder style and unleash your wild side.

Post Surgery:

After your mastectomy you can still wear swim wear with confidence. Just look for styles that provides you with support you need tops with prosthetic pockets. There are many style’s and colours out there on the high street or online that really help you still feel feminine in your swimsuit or bikini. You can now get swim prosthesis which are made from a clear silicone that’s water-resistant and dries quickly.

Keep It Covered:

Not everyone is comfortable or confident showing to much flesh. If this is how you feel your in luck as this seasons swim dress is the perfect option for you. They are styled with a flaring of the skirt to give you a little extra bounce as well as providing greater coverage. You can pick up some fabulous styles and colours that suits your personality.

Lengthen The Legs:

If you want to create the illusion of a longer pins then try a high cut length bottom with your bikini or swimsuit. This is the  perfect style for those petites out there who want to appear taller.

Hips We’ve All Got Them:

You need to go for a string style bikini with side ties if your looking to really to enhance your narrow hips. However, if your a pear to narrow your wider hips you need to opt for a wider band at the side of you bikini. 

Tankinis Give It A Go:

If the thought of wearing a bikini sends your head in to a spin then all is not lost. Tankinis are the perfect stylish option that gives you the feeling of a wearing a bikini, but provides you will that all import tummy coverage. Perfect for those top heavy ladies they provide a better support.

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