Living a happier life can be different for each individual; each person has their own idea about what truly makes them happy.

They say happiness is a choice, are you making the right decisions towards happiness?

What would it take to make you lead a happier life and do you know how you can achieve it?


Follow my 5 tips and learn how to lead a happier life today.

1. Have Confidence in Yourself

You can do anything that you put your mind to; it’s all about believing in yourself and having the confidence to follow through. Don’t live your life by somebody else’s rules you have one life and you should live it to the fullest. You will make mistakes along the way (we all do) but have the confidence in yourself to carry on and find your true happiness.

2. Keep Smiling

When you smile it automatically makes you feel better even if you are feeling slightly low and when this happens your mood will change making you feel positive and happy. When you are out and about smile at a stranger who looks down, you never know you could make their life happier too.

3. Forgiveness

If you have had an argument with a friend or partner and you feel as if you can never forgive them, then stop and take a moment to think about things. Is it really worth it? Being angry or having bitterness towards someone can make you feel extremely low and even drain you of your energy as the matter is constantly on your mind. Being the bigger person and forgiving them is far better than having a permanent grudge, you will feel happier and better within yourself for making the first move to forgive.

4. Friends

It may be important to you that you enjoy the good things in life but you should also make it important that you value your friendships and take time out of your busy life to spend time with your closest friends. These people can enrich your life; all you need to do is make the effort to spend time with them. This can include making a weekly dinner or drinks date, going clothes shopping or perhaps spending a few hours in the spa with them. Keep positive friends in your life and don’t be afraid to let the negative friends go, after all you are looking for a happier life.

5. Positivity

Learning to be more positive in your life will certainly help you make it a happier one. If you tend to think of your life with a negative approach, then it’s time that you stop. For every negative thought you must think of a positive one to go along side it. If you dwell on something then you can only make the situation far worse for yourself. Learn how to brush the negative out of your life and bring in an optimistic attitude, this will not only make you feel happier but it will also help the people around you too.

Follow these 5 tips and in no time at all you will start to lead a happier life.

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