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OK we all know that the Christmas party season is when most of us push the boundaries and experiment a little when it comes to what we wear and how we “adorn” ourselves.

Statement jewellery really is IN but hold your horses Sweet-cheeks, you need to get it right otherwise you could look like a walking Christmas tree (and we really don’t want that)

I don’t believe in “rules” when it comes to being creative and experimenting with how you want to accessorise, but here are my humble “tips” to help you get people to turn their heads (for all the right reasons)

Go Easy Tiger:

Statement pieces are called such as they really are meant to make a statement on their own. So don’t wear a statement necklace with statement earrings for example.

Layered chain necklaces can look really classy but not if worn with a statement belt. Now we are moving into “Mr T territory” and I really don’t want that for you)

Just remember the simpler the better.


Statement earrings (or chandeliers) can really make a great impression and get you noticed for all the right reasons.

When wearing dangly earrings put your hair up or wear it sleek or just loose bo-ho waves can look fab. No BIG 80’s hair needed at this point



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Also one thing to consider is if your chandeliers are brightly colored, then keep your make-up clean and simple.



Remember if you plan on wearing a head turning knuckle-buster, then it will draw attention to your hands.

I love wearing statement rings so I tend to keep with a simple neutral manicure and I keep my nails fairly short (I really don’t want to look like a middle-aged rapper with bright red talons )

I keep my manicure very neutral and that way the color doesn’t clash with the piece I am wearing.


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Just have fun choosing your rings and again just think the bigger the brighter is the key. Just remember balance.

Arm Candy

Cuffs are great as your statement piece, so go bare armed or wear a slim fitting, one color top.

Bangles are also a great option especially if you want to layer your bangles. If you are going for this look I prefer to stick to layering on one arm only. If you like to throw in different metals, why not. Have fun. Just ensure each piece compliments the other.



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Finally as a last final tip, if you are wearing a great statement piece, skip the statement bag or statement belt. You only need one fab piece to shine.


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Vannessa Vinos is an ex-Criminal Psychologist who “swapped bad boys for bling” when she moved to the Mediterranean.

She now divides her time between the UK and Spain.

Join her where she likes to hang out most:




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