We all know that swimwear can fill us with dread and fear, I know it has with with me the past, most of us are likely to have some negative thoughts about our body when it comes to bikinis, yeah even me. So, I want you to forget about the negative and try to see positives, as with lot’s of us there are part’s we love, f having great legs, arms, bottom you get the picture. Okay before hitting the shops do some prep first, get your glow with some false tan, it’s amazing how having a little bit of glow can be very flattering when trying on your bikini, understanding your body-shape this will make choosing so much easier, finally always take your purchases home, try them on  with the other items they’ll go with, this will give you time to see how you feel and look. PS Don’t take the tags off until your sure.

Curvy: High waisted styles are perfect as they help to draw the eye away from the midriff. Tankinis help to cover the midriff area whilst sucking in the waist.


Love Handles:We love to hate our Love Handles, so fighting the dreaded bulge is easier than you think. Go for a high waisted bottoms which works miracles for saying goodbye to handles. All you have to do is make sure it covers your belly button to prevent muffin top from happening.


Rectangle: You want to add as much curve appeal as possible, this will help to create the illusion of curves. Opt for pretty patterns, floral and bright colours to create a very feminine look.


Pear shape: You need to balance out the portions look for bikinis with vertical patterns or stripes. If you opt for details keep it to the top half and string bottoms work well for your shape.


Pregnant: Since you don’t want anything too tight around your midsection, it’s best to look for tankinis or a full swimsuit since they provide ample wiggle room. And speaking of easy access — a two-piece makes it super easy for those bathroom moments.


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