New York Fashion Week started with an introduction to the 2013 spring collections and featured 80 international designers previewing their collections over eight days.

This is an opportunity for each individual designer to showcase their latest designs for the following season.

Kate Middleton’s designer Jenny Packham opted for a 60s-inspired collection, this included mini shifts which could have be taken directly from Mary Quants collection. The collection was filled with an array of black and whites, dove greys and clear oranges. Jenny has also designed for Hollywood stars including Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet.

Oscar del la Renta showcased an incredible collection with a number of different looks and his finale dresses were particularly stunning.

Belstaff which was founded in Staffordshire 88 years ago and best known for its biker jackets certainly held their own in New York this week with their debut collection of women’s wear.

Belstaff now has new American owners, which obviously have big plans for its future. They have recently taken on Martin Cooper who was a former Burberry designer and given him the prestigious title of Chief Creative Officer which now has many thinking that are Belstaff the new Burberry? Watch this space is all I can say.

The stamp of approval definitely came from Tommy Hilfiger who happens to be an old friend of Harry Slatkin (Belstaffs owner) he was quoted in saying “I have been obsessed with Belstaff jackets for years, It’s a fantastic brand”.

Victoria Beckham certainly couldn’t go unmentioned as she has come a long way since she launched her collection in 2009, which she owns with her husband David Beckham. Back in 2009 Victoria wasn’t taken seriously as a fashion designer but people have certainly changed their tune as she has created beautiful body conscious dresses and along the way gained the respect from the fashion industry.

Victoria has launched a more affordable line and recently expanded her accessories collection with an eyewear collection set to hit the streets in 2013. There is even talk of a store opening. Her empire just keeps expanding!

Victoria’s 2013 spring collection was extremely feminine with short pleated skirts and silk shirts. It’s certainly a wonderful sight to see how she has evolved over the years.

New York Fashion Week has definitely given us some amazing styles for 2013 and interestingly, a lot of those with impact and influence are from the UK!

Now we can look forward to the London Fashion week events which start tomorrow.

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