Over the years I’ve worked on many different professional photo shoots, when you get a call to work with a client Ceryn from www.cerynrowntree.com who’s an empowerment coach, mentor and spiritual guide, it gives you a whole different styling vibe, you jump at the chance to use all your styling magic. As always with any head shoot a client’s inspirational board is created to give some visual insight from locations, clothing styles and make-up ideas, this helps us as a team as well as the client to understand the vibe of the shoot day. One of the key factors as a Personal Stylist working on a shoot is to meet with the client to arrange the outfits ahead of the scheduled day. I always take some time to talk about styling during the pre-shoot consultation giving suggestions on what to wear based on the client’s mood board there business and how comfortable they feel wearing said outfit. We also talk through styling for  their hair and make-up, this is so important as I always want the client to feel confident on the day in front of the camera.

Okay, I meet with the client Ceryn, her dog kali and a nice cup of coffee at her home we spent time in her wardrobe creating the right outfits for her photo’s. Now one of my practices as a Stylist is to go armed with a few wardrobe items just in case we may need them to complete the look. Ceryn’s outfits were styled with a little bohemian meets rock and roll added with a dash of Stevie Nicks, with hats, military jacket, long dresses, Dr Martians with sparkles, yes, I said sparkles and some amazing accessories, the aim was to have a good mix of variety for her photo’s

Shoot day arrived and it was an early one 6am as we needed to catch the sun rise, we were heading to a beautiful place called Northumberlandia, it has a huge land sculpture in the shape of a reclining female figure stunning location that really captured the essence of Ceryn’s personality. First port of call was Marie from www.ndmakeupartists.co.uk working her makeup and hair magic then it was time to get the first outfit ready to rock and roll, It felt amazing seeing everything visually coming together. Once we arrived at the location that’s when the magic of the lens came in to play with Photographer Laura www.laurapearman.com capturing Ceryn in nature among trees, sun light backgrounds, OMG it was so atmospheric.

I have to say even on a early cold morning I loved working as the stylist on this shoot with client Ceryn, as you can see the photos below really reflect the client & nature coming together in such a fabulous way. Remember when it comes to business head shots you should always go down the professional route this way you get to work with a team of experts like ourselves from Photographer – Laura Pearman, Stylist – Nichola English The Wardrobe Provocateur, and Makeup and Hair Stylist Marie – at ND Makeup Artists.

Remember you are the face of your brand, it’s important to make sure you capture as many different facets of your personality to visually tell a story to your clients just like Ceryn did during her photo session day.

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