Spring into Action with your Wardrobe

Spring has well and truly arrived on our doorstep I thought we’d kick it off with indulging in a good clean out of your wardrobe. I think for most it’s a place that can be a magnet for stuff that’s reached its finale clothing call or just stuff that doesn’t belong to your wardrobe like the dogs/cat’s toys.

Most people don’t have any idea what’s in their wardrobe, you’ve most likely resorted to throwing clothes in and shutting the doors, it’s probably jammed packed with clothes falling of hangers or even duplicated clothing, you get the picture. Spring has now arrived and it’s time pick up the feather duster and to step away from the black, yes put the black down, and say goodbye to an unorganised wardrobe with items that don’t serve you purpose it’s now time to indulge in a good spring clear out.

There are so many tangible benefits to a good old spring clean, you get to see things that you’d forgotten about” HELLO I FORGOT I HAD YOU” It’s very empowering to really take control of your wardrobe.

Let’s declutter  

Declutching is a fun process why not put some music on that really energises you, you might even end up singing and dancing in front of the mirror, I know I do. Take all your clothes out of the wardrobe hang them on a portable rail if you have one or on your bed. I want you to place the clothing in to the following categories “defiantly a keeper”, “get rid of”, “charity/sell” as you’re doing this phase think about will I ever wear it, or why the hell did I buy this to keep you focused. Once you see the blank canvas, give the inside a well-earned spring clean, it’s like starting a whole new journey with yourself and wardrobe.

   Let’s get organised

Take everything that you’re not utilizing for the next few months and place into storage, example anything that resembles winter clothing, allowing you to start filling up the space with clothes for the season ahead Spring/Summer. You could group your clothing together all skirts, blouses, trousers or arrange them as outfit’s, whatever works for you and your lifestyle. Use the correct hangers so everything hangs well in your wardrobe and place shoes in clear shoe boxes and stack them on top this will help with the organisation of your wardrobe space as well as the function of a less stressed space.

A good purge is sometimes all we need to restore our wardrobes harmony, it’s amazing how empowered and energized we feel when our wardrobe is less chaotic, on the plus side you’ll make better choices when it comes to clothes shopping.

Have Fun & Enjoy the Journey 
Talk Soon 
Nichola xx


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