Leopard Print where it all began

During the 1900’s leopard print started off as a masculine pattern, then 1920’s it became all the rage with Hollywood stars like Joan Crawford wearing a slip with leopard print details, then the 1940’s thanks to House of Dior transferred the clothing future of this print giving it a chic and elegant style. It continues to make it’s mark on the fashion industry with Hollywood stars Ava Gardener with her famous leotard and carpet pose to Grace Kelly’s amazing leopard print coat.

The 70’s 80’s and 90s with Rock stars like blondie giving it a wild rebellious status and the Spicegirls wearing it to symbolizes Girl Power we all the know that Kate Moss has been a huge fan of the print making it one of the most popular wardobe prints. Leopard print surpasses trends it offers the wearer a sexy femmine vibe with the potential to be very powerful, just like the animal itself, it needs the wear to offer it so much respect due to its journey and fashion heritage, it’s here to stay with its alluring chic and playful design.

My new Gisella ring 

 So,when a former Criminal Psychologist decided to go all bling and opened a successful online store called “luxuria jewllery”(which has some really eye catching contemporary pieces) sent me an amazing ring I thought I’d tell you a bit about it.

It arrived in the post I was sooo excited, I carefully unpacked the outside packaging which revealed a post card with a lovely hand written note, the ring itself was in a box within a gift bag with ribbon tied in bows on either side of the handle it was packaged with such love and care, as soon as I set eyes on it I feel in love with it.The fit was perfect and the ring itself was gorgeous with a Leopard print design set in a beautiful contemporary setting.

I’m defiantly a secret historian and wanted to find out about the origin of the ring. It was designed by well-known Spanish jewellery designer Belén Bajos. who only uses natural stones, she then transforms them into stunning pieces of contemporary statement jewellery. The craftsmanship and finish is just stunning on a sculptural gold and silver support with the designer’s name beautifully engraved.

If you want to own an amazing piece of this contemporaryJewellery then head over to their website luxuria-jewellery.com/collections/rings?page=3 where you can get a 15% discount by using the code NIC.15 for a limited time. 

It’s the perfect gift for you or someone special you won’t be disappointed……
Nichola x

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