Best Halloween Trends This Year

Halloween is about a month away, and it’s time once again for costume parties and ‘trick or treat’ sessions. That means you have to come up with a character or look to mimic for the gatherings you’ll be attending. To help you get started, take a look at the coolest costumes to wear for Halloween this year.

This year, classic looks like princess outfits aren’t expected to be particularly popular. Instead, PR Newswire predicts that pop culture references will be the main inspiration behind this year’s Halloween celebrations worldwide.

Political Twist

It’s election season in one of the most powerful countries in the world so it’s expected that many will try and dress like Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in the same way as New York Fashion Week models did.

allie5(photo credit: Hollywood Life)

Movie Characters

Due to the immense popularity of numerous Marvel and DC films this year, superheroes will be among the top looks for this year’s costume parties. In fact, NBC-affiliated WFLA listed top costume choices inlcuding superheroes for children and; Batman characters for adults 18-34.

Although people have been wearing superhero costumes for years, re imagined outfits brought about by recent superhero movies are welcome additions to every person’s costume lineup. Among the hottest picks are characters from the Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad, and Batman films.

allie6(photo credit: pixabay)

Other popular movies include the Star Wars series, which has garnered a new fan base since the release of The Force Awakens, and Hotel Transylvania films that appeal to the entire family. A blog post by Kate Pietrasik on Tootsa suggests Yoda and Dracula costumes will be extremely popular this year. She goes on to say how traditional princess outfits are getting outdated. Similarly for adults, The Huffington Post also recommended Star Wars Halloween costumes and including Han Solo, Princess Leia and Storm troopers in their list.


(photo credit: The Huffington Post)

When communicating through social platforms, chat rooms and SMS, emoticons and smileys are almost always used. Given their recognisable look, these digital expressions and characters have been turned into costumes as well. Even the ‘poop’ emoticon has been given new life.
allie3(photo credit: Hollywood Life)

Trending Social Media Looks

Intricate makeup designs have as much power to impress as the outfits themselves. By taking on the trending looks in social media, you can rock new looks for your parties. Pop Sugar mentioned that ‘galactic makeup’ is this year’s hottest Halloween makeup trend inspired by an Instagram post from the artist Qinni.

allie2(photo credit: Pop Sugar)


Even if you’re not playing Pokémon Go, you can’t deny that the game is still a phenomenon around the world. Seeing people dressed as Pokémon or as characters from the show and game will be common this year. This new take on iconic characters Ash and Pikachu will surely turn heads or if you fancy looking like a mascot, try a Pikachu jumpsuit.allie1(photo credit: Pinterest – 10 A Week)

allie(photo credit:

Now that you have the latest trends for the upcoming Halloween, what’s left is to make that costume concept a reality and own every Halloween gathering that you visit.

Trick or treat!

Written by Alyia Bea

Exclusive for The Wardrobe Provocateur

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