In today’s society you have to constantly compete with everyone else if you are striving towards a better life for you and your family.

You must constantly keep your eye on the ball and fight for what you have achieved because all of a sudden it could be taken away from you in a flash.

If one day you wake up and everything that you have worked for has gone, what do you do?

Well you reinvent yourself of course and begin again.

Think of Madonna the woman that has continually reinvented herself every decade since the 80s and has just reached the billionaire ranks.


It certainly doesn’t take a billion dollars to reinvent yourself though.

Sometimes it can be hard to take charge and start changing things in your life that you have stuck with for so long but sometimes we all need to step outside of our comfort zone and try something new.

Follow these 5 tips to reinvent yourself today:

1. Don’t Be Afraid
Too many people are afraid to change their fashion style because of what others may say. Ignore those people because they are only jealous that they are stuck in a rut and haven’t got the get up and go to reinvent themselves. You may have dressed the same and shopped in the same shops for years, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. After all change is good.

2. Goals
Have a goal in mind about what you would like to change about your current style and give it a date to achieve it by. Perhaps you want to start wearing more heels than flats or you want to accessorize better, whatever it is write it down and stick to achieving that goal.

3. Be an Individual
Have your own look and expressing your individuality is so important, don’t be one of the these people that chases trends and looks like everyone else. May be turn up the volume on your current look or completely change your whole style, whatever you want to do then just do it. There’s a new style for everyone and that doesn’t mean designer only, there are plenty of high street shops for everyone, especially if you don’t have an extra-large budget.

4. Your Appearance
It’s so important to take care of your appearance, not only for your self-esteem but for how others see you. If you’ve had the same haircut for the past 10 years and are still wearing your Levi 501s then it’s time to spend some time on updating your appearance. Prospective employers look for potential employees who take care of their appearance and not 10 years out of date.

Just think about how exciting reinventing yourself could be. It may be slightly daunting but think about what you could achieve by doing it.

Now get out there and throw yourself into your fabulous future.

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