10 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Work Wardrobe

Update Work Wardrobe

Firstly, before we talk about why updating your wardrobe is crucial to you and your business, did you know that, on average, women only wear around a quarter of their entire wardrobe?

I can hear you all saying, “OMG that’s crazy!” However it’s very true, 

When it comes to you and your business wardrobe, you need to think of yourself as the CEO of your style, we use lots of sensory information to quickly assess whether to work with someone in our very visual society and how we dress plays a big part in this.

Why you should update your work wardrobe

In less than 30 seconds, we form opinions about others we meet based on their visual clues.  Your attire speaks volumes about how seriously you take your occupation/business so it’s imperative that your appearance communicates the right messages and is aligned with your personal attributes, goals and keywords that you want people to associate with you and your business.

For example…Do you appear Confident? Trustworthy? Passionate? Fun? Approachable? Successful?

Experts agree that your appearance is important in your professional advancement. Your clothing, grooming, hygiene and hairstyle all have their roles to play.

Let me ask you?

Does your work wardrobe need an update?  Dose it reflect you and your business message 

 If the answer is YES ……… then these are your why’s…. 

  1. It makes you stand out in a good way, for example, if you’re networking then people will tend to notice you in a room and gravitate towards you, you become more identifiable.
  2. It shows that you’re up-to-date with your business, philosophies and polices. 
  3. Updating your wardrobe and having a polished style show cases your skills and abilities in a modern package, staying current keeps you and your business in the competitive game. 
  4. It says a lot about you and your self-esteem, your attitude towards life and your body, and your respect for your career or business. That means, with the wrong clothes, you may be giving off the wrong vibe, which could hurt your chances of possibly getting new clients or promotions. 
  5. Having poor fitted clothing can sometimes make your outfit appear inexpensive.  Try to make sure your clothing fit’s well, even if this may mean buying items in the next size up and spending money getting the clothing altered.  
  6. Being age appropriate, yes, it’s important to keep your look updated, however, it’s also important to dress your age. Remember, trying to look too youthful can hurt your brand just as badly as an outdated look can. 
  7. Clothes have an expiration date. Remove any items from your wardrobe that are more than five years old, with the exception of classic pieces that were made to last a lifetime. 
  8. It’s important to add your own personal style to your outfits are you a romantic, classic or natural, dresser, find out what colours, patterns, designs speak to you, build a mental image on how you can work them into your wardrobe fittingly.  
  9. If you need to update your wardrobe but you don’t have a budget for a whole new wardrobe then just add new accessories, ties, belts, jewellery, shoes or handbags.  Accessories are a great way to give your wardrobe a new look without breaking the bank.  
  10. Colours play a huge part in our lives form our interiors, wardrobes and colour psychology, it’s one of the most personal decisions that you will make, as it can affect how you look and feel throughout your busy day. Colours are a great way to express ourselves, it’s a natural expression of our personality, and when we wear certain colours, we can feel more self-assured and confident. Studies have shown that certain colours can have an impact on our performance in business and life. So, the next time you reach for a colour think about the Psychology behind that choice of colour.

Final words…. 

Living in a visually oriented world places physical presentation on par with work presentations, and in this competitive marketplace we can no longer take the time to send out inconsistent messages. Remember this is not about vanity, it’s about self- investment in yourself and your business.





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