“Our mission is no matter what your age, lifestyle or budget you can discover new versions of yourself & feel empowered with inner confidence to move forward in life & business, using the style coaching proccess™.”


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How did you become a Style Coach™ I here you ask?


In answer to the question, I will share with you that all important moment, my story as to why I became a style coach™, and help people like you to be happy, successful and live a fulfilled life.

In my 20s I discovered my love of fashion and clothing often helping to style my family and friends with outfits, make-up and hair, I was often found browsing the fashion magazines or watching Trinny & Susannah, who were my styling heroes at the time, I have since acquired more style heroes. After spending time working in my family’s business,where I acquired my business acumen, I then ventured in to the retail fashion world working up & down the country, expanding my experience, retail and management skills along the way.
However in the throws of enjoying a successful career, I was about to face my very own major personal challenge, an accident that left me having to learn how to walk again, was going to be a catalyst in setting up my own styling coaching consultancy™.

 That’s where Me and The Wardrobe Provocateur’s story begins.

During the rehabilitation, which was a very long process, I set about adding to my portfolio of experience and knowledge by becoming a qualified Life Coach. I had experienced life coaching first hand and just loved the concept, I decided that’s what I wanted to do; help others to become who they wanted to be through the same process. However I still wanted to incorporate my love of fashion and style, so I trained with the top International Style Coaching Institute™, where I was awarded Honours and success award, I also trained in holistic therapies. What drew me to Style Coaching™ was the combination of using a holistic approach in styling, it wasn’t just about the clothing you wear, it was about your self-journey.
I made a commitment to share this knowledge by setting up my own style coaching™ business, which was to become The Wardrobe Provocateur. Once I became an accredited member of the International Style Coaching Federation™, which gives me the ability to continuously maintain and update my skills and techniques to give you my client the best possible service. During my studies it was often remarked upon that I had a natural talent and eye for style and fashion, which I share with all my clients.

But what makes me the happiest is working with real everyday women and men who desire change in their lives, appearance, negative self- image and beliefs, from busy mums stuck in a style rut story, who are trying to juggle kids and life, to small business professionals who want to improve their personal brand by increasing their impact and visibility.

 Why work with me?

I’m a regularly on BBC Radio talking about style, fashion, confidence and etiquette, in 2016 I was the expert stylist on stage at the biggest Northeast wedding show at our fabulous Newcastle Metro Arena,  in 2014 I was awarded a leading Style Coach badge, which I proudly display on this website. What I do is very unique using a combination of styling and coaching skills that embraces you the whole person. Unlike image/fashion consultants here at The Wardrobe Provocateur we work with the image you see in the mirror, as well as the internal self image, helping you to gain that sassy, fabulous feeling again. I’ve given many makeovers to women ranging in ages from late 20’s to 60’s and men in their 40’s, from mums to business men/women they all share the same mistaken belief that style and fashion doesn’t apply to them.

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 me and nickyThis is me with my style hero Nicky Hambleton Jones

                 NICHOLA X